Folly is my awesome, adorable, love of my life fox terrier mix. I adopted her in NYC in April 2010 when she was 2 months old and literally “sick as a dog” (pardon the pun). After battling a respiratory infection for a month and a half, and then getting over a weak hip, she finally started to gain some weight and is now a spunky little munchkin. I’m not quite sure of Folly’s breed but various people have said that she’s probably part fox terrier, part Westie, part Wheaton and part Schnauzer. Sometimes I think she has a bit of coyote in her too because she’ll howl if she’s pissed off at me!

When she was very young she loved chewing everything – phone and printer cables, laptop cords, furniture and her own leash, but she’s grown out of that phase (thankfully!). She’s a great traveler and doesn’t get anxious in the car at all – unless we are stuck in traffic for hours on end. If you see me walking with her around NYC please stop by and say hi!

She’s my little baby –  and yes, I spoil her rotten!

Folly at 9 months old:



167 164 161

At a year old:










Two years old…














And now, at 4.5 years old:












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