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Folly’s Day Out Kayaking

Folly went kayaking today and asked if she could do a guest post for ya’ll. I said Ok so here’s her recap of our excursion:

“Momma and I went kayaking today at Nahanton Park, just outside of Boston. She rented a kayak from Charles River Canoe and Kayak and then we set out on the water. It was a little over-cast and chilly but at least it didn’t rain (I hate the rain – especially going out in it to do my business). Anyway, at first I was kind of wary of the water – I mean who knows whats in it. And I didn’t want to get my hair wet. But after a while, I got used to it and actually had a lot of of fun!











We saw lilies, a baby deer ( I wanted to jump out and chase it but momma wouldn’t let me), and a heron. We also saw another dog in a canoe – but I think kayaking is more fun. Man, I was so tired after watching momma paddle that canoe around – I had to lay down in the car and then come home and take a nap. Momma said that she’d take me paddle-boarding next time – if I’m good and don’t jump in the water. Don’t worry mom, I’ll be REALLY good – you know I hate getting wet. Just promise me you won’t topple the paddle board and get us all wet…Anyway- I gotta go rest again – so tired from that trip….”




Good Morning! I have no idea why I woke up so early today – maybe because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂 (Or I was just hungry really and needed an early breakfast! 🙂

So I’m a grand old age of 34 today…Time has certainly flown by but in looking back over he years, there are very few (if any) things that I regret doing. Most of all, I’m grateful for all the friends and family that I have, all the things that I have accomplished – and all the good things that lay in store for me in the upcoming years. So to start off my birthday weekend, here are just a few things that I am grateful for (again, some serious and some more light-hearted):

1. A wonderful family that accepts and loves me for who I am (and whatever decisions I make!)

2. Fabulous friends who are always there for me, and always cheer me up when I’m down 🙂 Love you guys! XO

3. Folly – Love my little pupsicle! XO

4. Being able to run, swim and bike – and be active in general.

5. Being able to travel, and having had the opportunity to visit countries in South-East Asia, Central Asia, Central America & Europe.

6. Red Wine, Coffee and Dark Chocolate

7. Japanese Hair Straightening treatments (though I wish they were less expensive)

8. Peanut, almond & sunflower butters

9. Bananas – nature’s most perfect food (IMHO – especially when paired with #8 above)

10. Mexican food – especially lots of salsa and avocados

11. Bloody Mary’s

12. Compression Shorts and Athletic Tape

13. Tiramisu

14. Summertime!!

15. NYC!!! And all that it offers – the energy, life, love and variety

16. Bowls – (Yes I have a weird obsession with bowls. Since it’s my birthday, I may just “treat” myself to another one or two 😉

Hope you guys have a great weekend – I’m off to make the most of my birthday one!

A pissed off puppy

What do you do with a pissed off puppy? One who decides to shred your prescription, chew through the strap of your swim goggles and eat the corner of a jigsaw puzzle box???

Swim goggles with the chewed straps tied together… shoddy patch up job but it’ll have to do till I can get to a store and replace them.


Chewed up corner of a jigsaw puzzle box … apparently, Folly likes cardboard… a lot… She also has a digestive system of steel… (thank goodness!)


The remnants of my prescription are in the trash. It’ll sound like such a cliché when I call my doctor’s office and ask them to write me another one… because my dog ate it…Oh well…

Apparently, Folly was not too happy last night when M and I left her at home with M’s mom, while we were at his company’s annual holiday party. We stayed in Boston overnight and I guess she didn’t like us being away. That being said, I know she had a great time with M’s mom here….the chewing happened overnight when the rest of the world was asleep. Evidently, Folly was not. She was busy pulling my prescription out of my purse, my goggles out of my gym bag…and then devouring the delicious cardboard corner of a puzzle box in the office.

Oh puppy . . I love thee still 🙂


Folly portrait


Hi folks! We have snow!!!!! This is certainly not my first time seeing snow – but it is for my little pup 🙂 Just thought I’d share some cute pictures of her first foray into the snow…

Initially, Folly wasn’t too sure if she wanted to venture out in the snow, but then nature must have been making pressing demands on her bladder because she did eventually step out into the white landscape, albeit unwillingly (Folly HATES the rain so this may have brought back memories of her bathroom breaks in cold, wet weather…not fun memories I’m sure).

Then, she realized that snow was edible!!! Mmmmm….Eating snow…..

 Eating snow1

Yum, yum…snow tastes good…..

eating snow2

Then it started to get cold….and she wasn’t too sure if she wanted to stay out any longer….

Folly in snow1

But we hadn’t done “number 2” yet so around the parking lot we went. Well, that was a short trip, because the minute the snow tractors started going by, plowing the snow (and making a ton of noise), Folly decided to start howling again…her infamous coyote-style howls when she’s pissed off, upset..or in this case, scared and cold 😦  I guess I would be pretty miserable too if I had to take my toilet breaks outside in the cold, and be forced to squat against frozen water… Kind of sucks for dogs if you think about it…

So “number 2” never happened…we had to go back home before we rallied the whole neighborhood with Folly’s coyote summons. Here’s hoping that the early afternoon break will be more “productive.”


Hope you’re enjoying the snow and holiday season!


My Pup Likes Lipstick….

Yes – my pup likes lipstick…loves it apparently. And I don’t mean she likes to wear it (though she did have it plastered all over her face and paws), but she likes to eat it.

Don’t get me wrong – we don’t feed her lipstick…it just happened by accident yesterday. Typically, M and I leave Folly in her kennel when we leave the house, because we have white carpeting and we’re a little nervous about her having an accident at home when we’re not around (even though she is potty trained), or chewing her way through another set of phone chargers, printer cables, and/or laptop cords. Well yesterday, we decided that since we’d be out all afternoon, it wouldn’t be fair to leave her shut in her kennel, so we’d leave her free to roam around the house. Big mistake. As we we were rushing out of the house to meet our friends for lunch, one of my lipsticks fell out of my purse and onto the floor. I didn’t notice it was missing till we were on the road – but figured it was not worth going back home just to get it. Should have thought better and gone home to check where it was.

We came home later that evening around 7pm, and did a quick walk through the apartment checking for “accidents.” Didn’t find any …but what I did find was a mangled tube of lipstick lying by the kitchen door. As I inspected it, with a mortified look on my face, Folly emerged from the bedroom with a chestnut brown, lipstick stained snout and tinted paws….delighted to see us again. In tow, she dragged along a black bra from the laundry basket….just to continue her trend of strewing underwear in the living and dining room during our absence.

Of course, the frantic “mommy” in me, took her out to potty and then immediately called the vet, ASPCA Poison Control Center, the Animal Hospital and 3 emergency animal care centers to see if if I should bring her in, what to do, give/not give her. I was told to just monitor her for the next few hours and see if she was acting, eating and drinking normally…If so, she’d be fine…but would would just have lipstick stained poop. (Google searches said the same)…

Folly was and is fine…no lipstick colored poop, even a day later. Just the remnants of the chestnut brown makeup on her paws…and the white carpet…

That’s OK though…I can live with the lipstick stained carpet…..but I couldn’t do without my little barracuda pup 🙂 


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