Adjusting to life in NYC

Phew – I’ve been back in NYC and in my new apartment ( a studio) for a little over a week now – and yet I still have unopened boxes everywhere. So much for unpacking as soon as possible! Oh well – I will try to get most of it done this weekend. This past week has been busy (when is life in NYC not busy??!) but part of the reason that ‘unpacking’ was put on hold was because I had an unwelcome visitor in the form of a mouse haunting my apartment. I guess most New Yorkers would just say “Well that’s part of living in the city,” but it was such a gross shock to me. I hadn’t encountered any mice when I last lived in NYC, and certainly not in my suburban abode in Massachusetts. Anyway, the mouse fiasco occupied a large portion of my evenings – with calling and meeting with my superintendent, laying out traps, throwing away an entire pan of vegetables (including the pan) thanks to the  mouse ( I will spare you the gross details) and then finally dealing with the creature when it was caught. Hopefully that nightmare is over and not one that recurs (please, please, please!)

Despite the mouse saga, I did get in some quality workouts after work and make some quick, easy and delicious dinners this past week. I had done some food prep last weekend by roasting some sweet potatoes, carrots and an acorn squash, washing and drying lettuce for salads, chopping some vegetables to quickly saute or steam, and stocking up on almond milk, fruit and other staples. I had also portioned out some fish and chicken to grill or pan fry during the week, and made a batch of tuna salad and hard-boiled eggs for a few lunches so that I had healthy foods on hand for quick meals. Doing just this basic food prep saved me so much time and money during the week – and enabled me to eat some great, healthy meals, so it’s definitely worth it!

Three dinners that turned out great and were amazingly quick to throw together were: (you may recognize a couple from my Instagram feed):

Poached cod, sautéed rainbow chard, roasted acorn squash, salad and a side of salsa for dinner

















Chicken Kabobs with grilled zucchini and carrots, and sautéed Swiss chard topped with tomato and avocado.

















And a simple dinner of pan-fried salmon, sauteed vegetables and sliced tomato

















All three were simple, healthy and required minimal ingredients and time to put together. It was also much cheaper (and tastier and healthier!) to make these dinners at home rather than ordering or eating out. I will do a future post on how I put together these dinners after coming home from a long day, walking the dog, answering emails, and going to the gym – but for now I’ll leave you with the images for some inspiration. You can also follow me on Instagram @farahz78 for some quick breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas!

What about you? What kind of meals do you put together after a long day? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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