What’s your workout style?

Hello guys, how has January been treating you? We’ve had some freezing days here in MA and other warmer days like today – though it poured most of the day. Recently, I signed up for a free trial of an on-line workout program that provides a daily workout to keep you motivated. It promises to be challenging and get you results – and so it seemed like a good idea/deal. I’ve been feeling less than motivated to push myself lately, and have also been less active in general (blame living in the suburbs, driving everywhere and spending too long commuting the last semester). I’ve also gained a few extra, unwanted pounds and become softer and more jiggly in various areas….and lets just say my butt seems to have expanded overnight. (That being said, my arms are a lot more defined, muscular and stronger so I’m happy about that for sure….but my legs, butt and thighs could definitely use some more toning). So that’s why I decided to try something new and see if the on-line workouts would motivate me to push myself more. I know I used to run a lot more in previous years but lately, due to various injuries and inclement weather, I’ve either done a different workout or battered my knees and shins up on the dreaded treadmill. Needless to say, I need to get my butt back outside (no pun intended).

Also –  lets face it – my love of eating peanut and almond butter straight out of the jar, and my age-related slow in metabolism have caught up with me. I’m no longer in my 20’s, no longer run as much as I used to and can no longer eat whatever I want without a thought. So to get rid of the jiggliness and lose some of the extra pudge and pounds I’ve put on I’m going to have to be

(i) More mindful of the amount of peanut and almond butter I routinely eat,

(ii) Start running outside again more regularly,

(iii) Try to incorporate more non-exercise activity in general (walking, biking), and

(iv) Push myself out of my comfort zone and done some more HIIT workouts.

Phew – that was a long intro/ explanation as to why I signed up for the on-line workout program. Anyway, after a few days of not using it and then watching one of the programs, I realized that I don’t really enjoy the idea or the process of working out in front of a commuter or device (Though I don’t mind a DVD workout so much). To me, a workout is more than exercise; it’s “my time,” my time to relax and do something I want and enjoy, my time to zone out, a time to de-stress as well as get an endorphin high. It’s something I enjoy, but I enjoy it more when I’m either outside, at a gym or in the pool. Working out in front of a computer or device feels more like a chore, a targeted approach to “lose weight” vs something I enjoy….and I know I won’t stick with it. I need to enjoy it to do and stick with it. And as much as I need/want to tone up and lose a few extra pounds, I don’t want exercise to become a chore or something that I don’t enjoy anymore. So I cancelled my subscription and I’m happy with that. Though I will not ‘cancel’ my commitment to keep working out, push myself more this year, run more and be more active in general…and to be more mindful of my peanut butter habit (Yeah – that one’s really got to go).

I also need to re-vamp my non-existent social life….part of the late night PB treats and “parking my butt on the couch” sessions are probably attributable to not having a social life right now (thanks to living in the ‘burbs and being in school full-time). But that shall change after this last (YES!!!) semester. Wow, this was a long post (but much-needed). All right…I’m done with the therapy for now….Hope you all are having a great weekend and I shall catch up with you again soon!



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