Lemon Mint Green Juice

Morning! It’s freezing here in MA. Woke up to – 6 F and thought it was a nightmare, and that I should go back to bed and wake up to warmer weather (wishful thinking). Two of my friends are in San Diego and Miami right now and oh, what I would give to trade places with either of them. Anyway, I busted out my juicer again today (I’m telling you I’m hooked!!) I even went to the grocery store to buy lemon and mint just to make some fresh juice – and this is in 2 degree weather (that’s Fahrenheit FYI). So here it is, a lemon, mint green juice and it totally hit the spot. As a note, I refrigerate my juice for a few minutes while I clean my juicer; this serves 2 purposes – cools the juice down a bit so I can enjoy it and gets the clean up done without leaving it till later. So here’s the recipe if you’d like to try it….Hope you’re all having a great (and warmer) weekend!

Lemon Mint Green Juice (serves 1)


2 stalks celery, washed

1/2 apple

1/4 lemon, peeled

1/2 cucumber

handful spinach

a few sprigs mint (2 -3 branches from bundle)


1. Juice all ingredients in a juicer. Enjoy immediately with a few ice cubes or refrigerate for a few minutes to cool before drinking.

green juice


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