Baking Experiments and Home-made Pumpkin English Muffins

Once upon a time (NYC time), I had a social life. At the moment I do not (perhaps because I live in Framingham you say…true, true…). Anyhow, due to (i) having a crazy, busy semester, (ii) coming down with a cold on Xmas day…that is still kicking my butt, and (iii) me being a wimp in the cold, I have been spending an inordinately large amount of time (for me anyway), experimenting with various gluten free recipes I’ve found on the internet and on various blogs. Being gluten free myself, I often find that many commercial products either lack fiber, taste, texture …or all of the above. I do have a few favorites: TJ’s GF rice tortillas, Food For Life GF Rice tortillas, Udi’s breads etc… but I really wanted to try baking some of my own GF foods. Well,… the GF bread experiment failed – totally my fault because I didn’t have the Arrowroot Flour called for in this recipe by TGI Paleo (and no, I’m not going “Paleo”…just like to eat as unprocessed as possible 80-90% of the time). I used 2 extra tablespoons of coconut flour and 1 less egg white, but it turned out flat and “foccacia” like….will probably still eat it because I hate wasting food, but lesson learned. Arrowroot flour/starch gives GF breads a lightness that cannot be achieved with only using coconut flour.

Next up, I found this recipe for Beauty and the Foodie‘s Low Carb Pumpkin Bagels which seemed interesting. I wasn’t so interested in the “low-carb” part (hello…I eat mucho bananas, squash & tortillas everyday) but the GF and pumpkin part were right up my alley. Plus I haven’t had a bagel in AGES! (I don’t like any of the GF ones on the market). Well, I don’t have a donut/bagel pan (but am totally getting one now) so I  made english muffins instead, using 6 ramekins. I also used 1 egg plus 1/2 cup egg beaters and 2 Tbsp date syrup as the sweetener, plus added 1/2 tsp xanthan gum. The recipe says it makes 8 bagels (but the pictured donut pan only holds 6….?)…so I made 6 english muffins. Just saying…. the nutrition stats work out to be different with 6 vs. 8. Using my modifications, each english muffin comes out to be approx. 104 calories, 4 g fat & 9 g carb.

Here are what my beauties looked like:













I ate the ugliest one for breakfast this morning with some eggs, farmer’s cheese, TJ’s pumpkin butter, some fruit (1/2 banana) and my Pumpkin Smoothie…plus coffee of course (yes I eat big breakfasts!).

Taste-wise: mildly pumpkin flavored, not sweet at all (which is good in my books) and a lovely change from my usual GF foods! Let me know if you try my or the original version!


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