Plans for 2014

Hi guys,

As promised, here is what I have in mind for 2014. Some of it is related to my career change (i.e pass my Graduate Oral Comprehensive Exam and the RD exam) and other stuff is personal.

1. As noted above, pass my Graduate Oral Comprehensive Exam and the RD exam, and earn my MS in Food & Nutrition. (tentative time frame: May – July 2014)

2. Move – either back to NYC or to Florida!!! (Warm weather calls to me….)

3. Get back into running shape. My running  really fell to the wayside in 2013 due to various injuries and being swamped with schoolwork. I did do 3 triathlons, but I’d really like to get back into running some road races – without getting injured. So the goal for 2014 re running is to train conservatively, increase mileage & intensity SLOWLY, and to do at least 1 (hopefully 2) half-marathons plus some shorter races. Currently, I’m eyeing a half at the end of April, and then another mid-May for the Spring. Any races for rest of the year will depend on where I move to over the summer (yikes!!)

4. Plan and cook more ‘meals’ rather than throw something together at the last minute (like stir-fries or omlettes). My schedule at school was so crazy this semester that I ate the same meals over and over again…never used my crockpot or my juicer…things I will be rectifying in 2014.

5. Juice! I bought a basic juicer off someone on craigslist, and have yet to use it. Fail. So come 2014, I WILL juice …. at least 4 times to justify the cost of the juicer 😉

6. Go see my nephew in Atlanta! Not sure when but this has to happen!

7. Get a job (Ahh!) Cannot believe I will be graduating and back in the working world again… (hopefully)…Wish me luck on this one!

What are your plans for 2014? Any specific goals or major life changes taking place?


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