Highlights of 2013

Hello again! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their loved ones. I went to a friend’s place for the Eve, but unfortunately was sick all day on the 25th 😦 I didn’t go anywhere but actually had a nice relaxing day at home, dug out my old camera, baked (recipes to follow in a separate post!) and started a new book! The only things I’ve read for the past few months are research articles and textbooks, so that was a nice change – and thoroughly enjoyable. I started Catching Fire which is the second book in the Hunger Games series (yes, I know I’m behind the rest of the world with reading, but better late than never!). Anyway, I’m feeling better today and thought I might do a brief recap of the best of 2013. Here goes:

January – Can’t remember much anything special in January (whomp, whomp..) but I may have taken a trip to NYC (?)

February – Trip to Miami with some dear friends from NYC. This was an absolute blast – so glad I went – had an amazing time, and of course I love Miami.

March – Hmm…again, can’t remember anything special. Though I think I busted my shin in March 😦

April – Winding down a semester at school (an all-consuming part of my life)

May – Shin was getting better, finished finals, went to NYC, got my hair straightened again (!) (Love it straight), then started summer classes.

June – Went to NYC again, saw my brother’s graduation, then drove some friends to a Tough Mudder event in PA. Another fabulously fun day with them! Turned 35 and had a fabulous B-Day dinner in the Big Apple with my friends there.

July – A blur. Enjoyed the summer, pool time, did 2.5 summer classes, resumed training again for my first Tris (in August)

August – Finished summer classes, my nephew was born!!!! Did a Warrior Dash with my friends from NYC, and my first two triathlons (back to back!!). These were part of the Cranberry Trifest organized by SunMultiSports and it was another crazy but awesome weekend. The races were extremely well organized and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a Tri. Started my clinical internship for my dietetics program.

September – Went to Atlanta twice to visit my nephew and my parents (who were visiting form India). Didi another mini-Tri to finish off the season.

October – A blur with school work, internships and work.

November – Another blur (repeat of October) with Thanksgiving at a friend’s place.

December – Finished my clinical internship (learnt an incredible amount!) …and that’s it. I know – my life has been consumed with school work and my dietetics program but it’s all good, and something I really do enjoy.

Anyway, I’ll be adding another post soon on my plans and goals for 2014. It’s going to be a big year for me since I’ll be finishing my graduate program in Nutrition, taking the RD exam and moving. I have some other things I’d like to accomplish too so stay tuned!

WHat are your thoughts for 2014? Any major plans? Any highlights from 2013?


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