Summer 2013

Well hello again! My on and off relationship with blogging is currently ‘on’ 😉 How have you been? My last post was at the end of March, and now, 3 months later we’re in the middle of summer all ready. Quick update on the “run” situation: I switched my half-ironman that was supposed to have been done on June 15th (my B-Day!!) to 2 other Tris at the end of august (more on those later). BUT – I somehow managed to  hurt my shin again (of course…what did I expect??). So, even though I started running a few weeks ago, albeit slowly and with some walking breaks, I’m going back to an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to get my shin checked out again. It still hurts when I run, and now I have a big bruise from bashing the car door on it. Hoping that the bruise is just from the car door and nothing more serious.

Anyway – what are your plans for the summer? Any fun activities planned? So far, I’ve been down to NYC a few times to visit friends, celebrate my 35th birthday, and go to a Tough Mudder with some friends. The rest of the summer involves classes, a house-warming & BBQ party, a Wine & Painting Night, a Warrior Dash, beach trip(s) and a trip to Atlanta to visit my brother and soon-to-be-born nephew!!!! Plus plenty of pool time & biking of course…

What are your plans for Summer 2013?


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