Time Management and Stress

If you’ve heard me complain about having a busy semester in the past – forget I ever said that. THIS semester is going to be insane. After the first 4 days I already felt as if I’d been back at school for a lifetime just from the workload that was thrown at us – and from the anticipation of the workload awaiting us over the next 16 weeks. Between 3 classes, an internship, a part-time job and training I don’t seem to have much time for anything else – such as a social life (What’s that you ask??)

And with the start of the semester another forgotten friend returned – my old pal “stress,” who had disappeared over the holiday season and the month off from school. Well – stress is back and probably here to stay for the next 16 weeks at least, so I guess I’d better start to manage him so he doesn’t get out of control. Stress is probably something that we all experience in varying degrees; some people have more than others, and some people can manage stress better than others (I am not one of them). And yet, I think (hope) that I’ve become better at dealing with stress and managing it so that it doesn’t wreck havoc on my health – both physical and mental.

Back when I was in Art school in Savannah, I remember going to the school counselor because I was so stressed out about my classes and workload that I just couldn’t focus; I couldn’t sleep, was agitated all the time and just felt as if I didn’t have a handle on things. And to this day I remember her advice; how she helped me learn to juggle multiple tasks and manage my time so that I wouldn’t get stressed out. For me, it came down to planning out my week on a schedule and allocating specific time slots for specific tasks. Just writing it out and knowing when I would get various things done  was so effective in helping me deal with my busy schedule. For me, stress arose from a fear of not being able to complete all my projects and get through my to-do list – and planning it out was the solution. So that’s exactly what I’ve started to do this semester. I’ve created template schedules for every week and have started to plan out my week in advance, and so far it seems to have helped. I guess I’ve also decided that I’m not “killing” myself over anything – I’m going to live my life one day at a time and enjoy it – because after all, we only get one shot at life.

How do you deal with stress and manage a busy schedule? DO you have any tried-and-tru ways of dealing with stress?


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