Reflections on 2012

I was debating on whether I really wanted to write this post. Last year was pretty much a roller coaster for me with highs and many lows. Endings and new beginnings; many losses and some gains. In the past year, I went through a heartbreaking loss, then almost lost my uncle and my mom  – but thank God they are both fine now. One of my best friends lost her father – who was like a father to me and remains very dear in my heart and memories.

But the year also brought many good things and I have to remember that when I look back at 2012. On a personal level, I felt that I “finally grew up,” as cheesy as that sounds coming from a 34 year old. I feel much older now than I did last January and a large part of that is probably due to the emotional roller coaster that the year entailed. But it’s “older,” in a good way; I feel calmer, stronger, more in control of my life and more independent again. And those are all good things in my book – considering what I wreck I was in Jan/Feb 2012.

But going back to the highlights of 2012, here are the most memorable moments of the year for me:

1. My mom emailing me to tell me that she was not only my mom but my best friend 🙂 That melted my heart and did more than she can ever know to bring a greater sense of calm and stability to me during a rough year.

2. Finishing a half-marathon in 2:05 after a night spent sobbing, 2.5 hours of sleep, a bum ankle and a month of pitiful training. My slowest half-marathon time to date but I’m proud of it. That race was run after a night of an emotional breakdown and yet it was a weirdly cathartic run. Like a sort of cleanse, because once I was done I felt an immense emotional relief. It was a feeling of renewed belief in myself, of knowing that I was still strong and could achieve what I set out to do. I did take a month off running after that but that was by choice, and I still treasure the sense of accomplishment after that run.

3. Doing the Spartan Sprint! I was almost inclined to skip it but I’m so glad that I did it (and volunteered at it the next day). It was the muddiest and funnest race/obstacle run I have ever done. Not sure if I’ll do another anytime soon but who knows?!

4. Buying my first road bike and doing a bike tour of Boston with some friends. I’ve always wanted a road bike and I love my Raleigh Capri 2.0! Moreover, I’ve realized how much I like biking!

5. Trying CrossFit! It’s too expensive for me to pay for regularly and I’m not really into some of the exercises, but I learned  a TON from my six week intro session at CrossFit Newton. So glad I did it – and it was probably the best Groupon (or Amazon Local deal) I ever bought. I still do the KB swings and burpees to add some high-intensity training to my regular exercise.

6. Visiting my mom and dad in India. Can’t wait to see you guys again in March!

7. Reconnecting with many of my friends who live in other cities. My family and my friends are truly awesome and I can never thank them enough for being there for me this year and helping me get through the rough times. Love you all XO 🙂

8. Making new friends in MA. Over the course of this year I’ve made some really good friends here too – and they have done so much in making me feel more at home, and less homesick and lonely in MA. I can’t imagine taking a class or getting through the CPD Masters program without my good friends Jane and Tina, and I have Beth to thank for being such a thoughtful friend and having me over for a fun Thanksgiving and Xmas, and fabulous meals and conversations at the British Beer Company here in Framingham.

9. Going to the Tough Mudder in PA in May and cheering on my friends – what an awesome and fun day that was!

10. Revamping this blog and getting back into writing (although I did go MIA after Oct 8th…oops ;))

11. Being given the opportunity to contribute nutrition articles to My Competitive Life – a fabulous resource for health, fitness, training and nutrition for athletes, individuals and families.

12. Spending the summer volunteering at Community Servings in Jamaica Plains, MA. Met some great people there and I’m looking forward to going back in the next few weeks.

Hope that you all have good memories of 2012 too – and please feel free to share them!



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  1. Hey I’ve been following your blog it’s very inspiring just wondering what was so heartbreaking about your year why were u so emotional / are you dating anyone or married some type of support system ???
    How do u find the time to exercise as much as u do blog school and make and post those recipes ???

    • Thanks for following! Last year was rough for many personal reasons – I don’t really want to go into details, but things are much better now! I haven’t really been blogging or making new recipes much lately because I’ve actually been so busy with school – but I hope to keep posting a few times a month. Thanks again for reading!

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