Foiled Again :(

Hello folks – Hope everyone has had a great week! As per usual, mine included school work and more school work! All good though. In one of my classes we also practiced some sample Nutrition Counseling sessions, and I actually just finished processing the video assignment for it. It was definitely a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I also got my assignment for one of my supervisory experiences (required for the RD program) where I’ll be doing sample diet histories with an RD for 3 hrs/wk for 7 week. I’m looking forward to that – the beginnings of my first real exposure to the world of an RD!

In other news, it seems that my attempts at running have been foiled again 😦 After taking a month off from my last half-marathon, I finally felt like running again this week. So on Tuesday I tried a 2 mile run/walk combo on the treadmill. That went well…no issues. So on Friday, I tried running 3 miles on the treadmill (something that I would have had no issues with before)….However….my shins had other ideas. After about 2.5 miles I started feeling a tightness on the outside of my left calf, and by the end of the 3 miles I had the worst shin splints you can imagine….as in it hurt to walk! It was all on the muscle part though – not on the bone, so per my investigation on the internet it doesn’t seem like a stress fracture….more like a muscle issue. Anyway, I’ve talked to a PT who has advised strengthening my lower leg muscles and my glutes since I over pronate on my left foot and that may be aggravating my calf muscles. I also picked up a pair of new orthotics today…the blue Superfeet (after trying on various pairs at Marathon Sports). So we’ll see…probably take another week or so off from running and then give it a go. Been wearing my trusty compression sleeves to bed the last few nights too so that seems to have helped (neon shins anyone??)

Off to watch the season premiere of The Good WIfe and do some more studying…Cioa!!


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