Boston Hub on Wheels 2012!

Hi Folks! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I seem to be on a weekly schedule with my blogging at the moment so sorry (again) for the delay. This weekend I participated in a bike event here in Boston called Hub on Wheels. It’s a cycling tour of various parts of the city, from downtown to Dorchester, Hyde Park and the Arborway. The ride started at 8am from City Hall Plaza on Sunday, and riders could choose to do a 10 mile, 30 mile or 50 mile option. I did the ride with some friends and although we’d initially planned on doing the 50 mile ride, we started out towards the back and the group decided they wanted to do the 30 mile loop instead. It was a gorgeous day and we really couldn’t have asked for better weather! (Well – maybe less windy… but at least it wasn’t raining!). Here’s a view from the start…there were over 5000 cyclists!!












The first 10 miles took us through Storrow Drive which had been blocked off from general traffic, and then we veered off into various parts of the city, through the cemetery, by the Charles River and through several parks. The ride was really well organized – from snacks, drinks and port-a-potties at several rest stops, to bike support from Landry’s Bicycles.

I hadn’t ridden more than 20-ish miles on my own, and certainly not through traffic – but I did well and didn’t fall off my bike! Apart from enjoying the ride with my friends, I found that it was also a great confidence builder for me as a newbie road biker. Prior to the ride, I’d always been nervous about stopping & starting at traffic lights and being able to jump out of the saddle at stops – and the ride really helped me get more comfortable in all of these areas.

When I got home (after a ridiculously long wait in the parking garage…one area that could do with some improvement for next year), I was itching to get in some more miles (can you tell that I had my heart set on doing 50 yesterday? 😉 ) So after wolfing down an egg and veggie burrito and taking Folly out, I dragged my bike back out for another 20 miles on my own. Rode from Framingham up to Wellesley and back for 21 miles and called it 50 for the day (30 miles done as part of Hub on Wheels). It felt great to get the 50 done since I had really planned on it – and great to know that I can bike 50 miles without too much strain 🙂 Needless to say, I was exhausted last night – but in a good way, and although my neck and shoulders are a little sore today I still feel pretty good! Even made it to the gym this morning for some elliptical-ing and a high-intensity workout (more on that later!)

Last night I also found myself looking up cycling shorts & gloves on Amazon…and thinking about investing in a bike rack for my beat-up car (I’ve been taking the wheel off and putting it in my back seat so far)….I’m also considering do a century bike ride….Hmmm…So maybe I am turning into a biker after all?? 🙂


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