School work, more school work…and time with friends

Evening folks. I feel that with the start of classes I’m dangerously slipping back into my days as an MIA blogger 😦 This week’s been crazy busy already – but in a good way! One of my very best friends, Vanessa, came up from NYC to visit me and her mom, who lives north of Boston, for the week and so we’ve been catching up between my class work. Hence the lack of blog posts the last couple of nights. Vanessa and her daughter arrived on Sunday and so I spent the weekend catching up on homework, biking and CLEANING my apartment (It’s amazing how much hair my dog can shed in a few days…no a few hours). We had a nice relaxing evening at home on Sunday night while I made Shrimp Tacos for dinner (recipe to follow soon!). The next day, I had a couple of classes and then we met up with another friend for drinks and tapas in Boston. We went to a little Spanish place in Brighton called Tasca, which has a fabulous and very reasonably priced menu – and last night’s Swordfish special was absolutely amazing. I’ve never liked swordfish very much in the past, but I may have changed my mind after last nights dish. After another drink at a bar in Newton we called it a night, and today was spent doing more work – including catching up on Nutrition reading while on the elliptical machine, class, shopping at Pier 1 for a new rug with Vanessa, and then more homework!

One of the things that’s difficult to adjust to, after being in the workforce and then going back to school, is the “constant homework.” I can’t leave class (as I used to leave work) knowing that my work is done for the day and I can spend the evening working out or with friends, or just relaxing. Now, as much as I want to do those things in the evenings, I always have school work, assignments and projects to work on. Nevertheless, I think that maintaining a balance between work and play is crucial to enjoying life and staying sane, not to mention minimizing your stress levels. Spending time with friends and family is so important – particularly since life is so short and we can never anticipate what may happen tomorrow. So even though work/school may be busy I feel that we shouldn’t compromise on spending time with our loved ones…. And that being said, I’m off to do more homework into the wee hours so that I can hopefully spend another evening with Vanessa and her family tomorrow night!




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