Fall Semester 2012

Wow – just writing the title of this post makes me feel that summer is really over 😦 Yes I’m sad… I love the warm weather; always have and always will. I guess I also love the somewhat carefree and laid-back attitude and aura that surrounds summer. The unspoken understanding that the days are longer, that we can afford to slow down a little and enjoy ourselves. We can go to the beach, wear flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits and sun dresses (well – the females amongst us!) Summer just seems to embody happiness, and has the ability to take us back to our childhood – when we would run barefoot through sand and grass with no worries or cares. It always seems to be a time of fun, relaxation, and a lighter work-load than during the rest of the year…

And then it comes to an end and it’s the Fall again. And with the start of Fall, it’s back to school (or longer work days)….

As you may have guessed by now, I start my Fall semester at Framingham State tomorrow – and I’m already a little apprehensive of it. Some of my professors have already posted their syllabi on-line, and various assignments and readings, so it’s beginning to feel overwhelming before we’ve even officially started! But, it’s another semester that will bring me closer towards completing my MS in Food and Nutrition (I graduate in May 2014) and taking the RD exam, and I keep looking forward to when I’ll finally be done and back in the workforce again. It’s been a good summer this year – not as many beach trips as last year, but I did get my internship hours and a class done and spent some wonderful weekends, including this past one, down in NYC with my friends and my brother.

But starting tomorrow it’s back to school and a packed schedule for me. One of the things that I’ll have to start doing again is prepping and packing lunches, and planning weekly dinners (I got lazy about this over the summer due to my flexible schedule and lighter workload). But I’ll have to get back to that routine pretty quickly – and going forward, I’m hoping to write some posts about my tips for planning and packing lunches for school/work, and minimizing dinner-stress during the week. I know that there are probably many other articles out there on the same subject – but you’ll get my two-cents on it 🙂

With that, I’m going to call it a night and try to get some light reading done before I have to glue myself to textbooks for the rest of the semester…Hope your post-Labor Day week goes well!


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