Good Morning and Happy Hump Day to ya’ll! At least the weekend is almost here and it’ll be a long one at that (though it’s sad to see the summer end). I have mixed feelings about starting up with classes again…A part of me is excited about getting back into a routine and being busy, and also knowing that after this next semester I’ll just have 3 more to go before I’m done with school. But another part of me longs to hold on to the last few lazy days of summer and the lack of exams, tests, projects etc 🙂 Sigh….

Last night I made a quick dinner of tacos with some eggs for protein (I can eat tacos just about every night), and I think I ate more salsa than anything else.But not just any salsa – this was a new purchase that I found on sale at a grocery store – Margarita’s Fresh Hot Salsa.















It wasn’t really that hot but it sure is tasty and fresh! I never usually buy fresh salsa (in the refrigerated case) and mostly get the bottle ones because I don’t like the taste of raw onions, and many fresh salsa have so much onion in them. However, this one from Margarita’s had no onion-y taste and was the key component in my dinner. I could probably just eat it with a spoon – and call it a spicy soup. After dinner, I posted a comment on Facebook, saying that salsa should just be considered a main course, and not a condiment, and my friend Foy responded in agreement. She also sent me the link to her own salsa recipe which ya’ll should check out. It sounds (and looks) delicious and is hearty enough with the black beans to make a meal.

I have never made my own but will have to give Foy’s recipe a try. Apart form the Margarita’s one above, I typically get my salsa at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods; the Roasted kind or the peach and/or pineapple salsa. In truth though, I’d be hard pressed to find a salsa that I didn’t like (well – I guess if it’s been onion-ified then I wouldn’t like it…but barring that I’d probably drink the jar).

What are your favorite salsas, or do you typically make your own?


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