Vega Energizing Smoothie

Hi guys – Happy Monday! This is my last full week of summer break before classes start again next Wednesday. I took full advantage of my current laid back schedule and went out for a nice long bike ride again (I went yesterday afternoon too). In my last post, I mentioned making a smoothie with a new smoothie supplement, and that I’d do a review later on. Well, here it is! The smoothie supplement to which I referred is Vega Energizing Smoothie, which I bought at Whole Foods last week when it was on sale. I drink at least 1 or 2 smoothies every day and so I like trying out new, natural smoothie supplements (especially when they’re on sale!). Smoothies are a great post-workout fuel because (a) they’re liquid and so the carbs and calories are in a much easier form for your body to process and digest after a workout, (b) they’re so refreshing after a workout, in the morning and on a hot day, and (c) they’re a great way to pack in a lot of nutrition (calories, protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats) in a convenient and portable form – which may be particularly useful for people on the go (Think portable breakfast, snack, meal supplement).

Lately, I’ve been getting a bit tired of my vanilla protein shakes so I decided to give this smoothie supplement a try. I bought the Tropical Tango flavor, but it’s also available in a natural, vanilla almond, chocolate and berry flavor.















The supplement is entirely plant based, and free of gluten, soy & dairy, and has no added sugar. One scoop has 95 calories (20 from fat), 9g carbs, 5g fiber, 1g sugar and 10g protein. It has a protein blend of pea, hemp, savi seed and sprouted brown rice protein, and also has flaxseed, inulin, a blend of greens (alfalfa, spinach, broccoli and kale) and a digestive enzyme. The Tropical Tango flavor has a delicious peach and mango flavor, and it can be mixed with just water or added to juice or milk in a smoothie. I typically make mine with a mixture of half water/half almond milk, some ice cubes, a handful of spinach and 1/3 banana – and it tastes fabulous! Especially after a long bike ride, or run, or even first thing in the morning. This type of smoothie mix would also be great to take with you to any races or on vacation – since it’s a convenient and great tasting form of nutrients when you may be hard-pressed to find a healthy meal option, or need a quick source of fuel after a tough race.

I may get the berry flavor too while it’s still on sale and give that a try. Needless to say – it’s become one of my favorite, all natural supplements. Off to walk Folly and then soak up some sunshine at the pool before my classes start!



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