Texting Etiquette?

Hi guys,

How was your Monday? Mine has been a low-key day, especially after yesterdays race and Saturday nights sob session. I spent today catching up on things that most people probably do on the weekend: laundry, cleaning, cooking, emails, catching up with friends on Facebook 🙂

I guess I just needed a day to relax and recharge after this weekend, and I have to admit that it was nice to just take things slowly and not rush around in my usual manner. I also worked on my Recipe page and tried a new Spicy Black Bean Burger recipe, and had fun with picmonkey.com which is an awesome website for editing photos, creating different effects, adding text to pictures and putting together collages like the one I made and added to my Recipe page:






One thing that I’ve been meaning to ask you guys/blog about is the question of “Texting Etiquette.” I’ve had this discussion with various friends and the main question is, Is there an appropriate “response time” for text messages? When it comes to responding to missed calls, voice-mails or emails, most people seem to be fine with a delay of a couple of days. They just know/anticipate that their call or email will be returned when the other individual has some free time. In this age of “hyper-cyber activity” though, text messages seem to embody a certain sense of urgency, particularly if you’re asking a specific question. If you send someone a text message there is an unsaid implication that it’s more urgent than a voice-mail, and so one would think that a response would ensue in a fairly short period of time; if not immediately then in a few minutes or within the hour.

That’s my take on it, but is it fair for me to expect that? What are your thoughts on the question of “Texting Etiquette” and do you find yourself getting annoyed or impatient if someone doesn’t respond to your text fairly frequently? How long do you typically wait before texting them again? I’d be curious to hear what other people think!


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