A Morning Run

Hi guys,

Happy Friday to you all! Here is the face of a “not-a-morning-runner:”















Yes that’s me after a 4.5 mile run this morning. (Note: the photograph is really for my mom’s benefit since she lives in India and we don’t get to see each other very often:( Hi Mom!)

I haven’t done an early morning (well, 7:30am is early to me) for a long time, but I figured that if I want to get better at this running thing, then I just need to do it and actually be more consistent about it. That may mean running slower but that’s OK. I’ll be the turtle and get there eventually. So 4.5 miles were done this morning, 4 in one stretch and 0.5 miles in sprints at the end. Not so surprisingly, I feel more energized after having worked out in the morning and it feels great to have gotten it done before the heat and humidity set in.

Post-run, I had a strawberry protein smoothie, and egg & egg white and a peanut flour protein pancake.











(I actually made this stack a while ago and then just frozen them for easy breakfast options – so I didn’t eat what you see above. It was more like a messy plate of eggs and a pancake, wolfed down in record time).

The original recipe for these pancakes can be found on Monica’s blog, and I followed her directions except for the cottage cheese, since I can’t do dairy. I subbed in 1/4 cup of mashed banana which added a “banana” flavor to the pancakes and also probably changed the texture. Mine turned out a little “rubbery,” with a faint banana flavor and were pliable, like a mini tortilla. Flavor-wise, they weren’t bad at all, but just had a very different texture from your traditional “fluffy” pancakes. I may try these again with a coconut milk or almond milk yogurt instead of the cottage cheese and see if that makes a difference. The pancakes are also much lighter and higher in protein than your traditional fare – so I would say give these a try if you’re looking for something different. You could also use almond flour/meal instead of the peanut flour for a high protein, gluten and peanut free option (I may actually try the almond flour version next time).

Anyway, enjoy the weekend and the weather. Have any of you tried any variations on traditional breakfast options like pancakes and waffles, e.g with a different flour? What were your thoughts?


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