A Beach Trip and Leftovers

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week. Mine was good and included a mid-week beach trip with my friend Tina! My first (hopefully not last!) beach trip of this summer. We went up to Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA and spent the afternoon catching up on life and lazing around in the sun. We waded into the water but didn’t go in because it was only 64 degrees – and that’s cold to me. I’ve been to Miami where the water is nice and warm – no “oohing” and “aahing” as you try to get used to the cold, and once you’ve experienced Miami waters everything else seems freezing.

Other than that, it’s been a low-key week, just catching up on errands and doctor’s appointments. I’ve got a low-key evening tonight too since I have a Spartan Sprint up in Amesbury, MA tomorrow ….kinda nervous about it since it’s going to be pouring:( I’ll be sure to provide an update of it afterwards!

Anyway, the reference to “leftovers” in my title refers to the question “What to do with Leftovers?” – especially when they’re not big enough for a full meal, or when reheating something (like fish) just ends up overcooking it. And that’s exactly what happened with my leftover salmon from a few nights ago. I reheated the other half of the fillet and ended up totally overcooking it so that as a fillet it was pretty awful. Well, I hate wasting food, so what did I do with it? Turned it into a salmon salad of course!
Salmon salad is just like making a tuna salad, except it utilizes whatever fish you may have leftover. Alternatively, you could also turn leftover salmon into salmon cakes (with mayo, mustard, seasonings and breadcrumbs). The point is just to find an alternate meal idea with your leftovers rather than tossing them.

So my overcooked salmon fillet was turned into a salmon salad with mayo, mustard, raisins, carrots, cumin and hot sauce (same recipe as my Easy Tuna Salad). You could also do the same with leftover chicken or turkey.











So the image above is my “photo image” of the salmon salad on a salad – all nice and pretty. But in reality, I was starving after a long swim and ended up eating double the portion of the salmon salad you see above, with all the veggies stuffed into a brown rice tortilla with avocado and hummus…with half a protein shake and a bite of fruit (hey – I said I was hungry 😉 Anyway – it was a delicious and frugal way to use up my overcooked fish so it worked!

Do you guys have creative ways of using up your leftovers? I’d be interested to know!


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