Shoes, Watermelon and Wine

Hi guys,

I hope ya’ll had a great weekend. Mine was hot and humid and involved a miserable run, agonizing over what kind of running shoes to get, updating my blog design a zillion times (I finally like this one and am keeping it for a while – but please let me know what you think of it…likes, dislikes, helpful suggestions etc!), finally buying my first watermelon of the summer (I know – I’m late), and chilling out with some wine (the best part of course!) I also made some socca (recipe to come), which is apparently a French crepe but is made with chickpea flour, water and oil. I haven’t tried my concoction yet so I’ll post an update and the recipe later this week.

The agony over running shoes continues and I feel that I should provide an update and an explanation as to the source of the agony. I’ve always been a “heel-striker,” and I over-pronate (roll my ankle inwards) a lot with my left foot. Consequently, I’ve always worn traditional stability shoes which have a dense mid-sole and a thicker heel to correct my over-pronation. However, these types of traditional shoes are also heavier than the new “minimalist” shoes and they apparently maintain/ restrict you from developing a mid-foot strike which supposedly will help you stop over-pronating. In my post on Natural Running I mention Danny Abshire’s book of the same name and his transition to a mid-foot strike that helped correct his foot issues. So, over the last month or so I’ve been trying to transition to a more mid-foot strike, but the problem lies in the fact that I have a half-marathon coming up in 2 weeks (yikes). My last 2 long runs in Nike Frees resulted in a strained ankle from excessive over-pronation, and although the Nikes felt great to run in for shorter distances (and my hips didn’t hurt!), I don’t think that I can do my long runs in them without straining my ankle. So I’ve been on the hunt for lighter stability shoes that fall somewhere in between the Asics GT 2170, which are my traditional stability shoes and the Nike Free Run. So far I’ve tried the New Balance 870v2 (still not enough stability for me for a long run…my ankle still hurts), and the Brooks Purecadence (only ran 2 miles in these so far). Bottom line is, I definitely need to spend more time in the transition phase, moving from a heel-strike to a mid-foot strike before I even attempt a long run in the lighter, more minimalist shoes. So lesson learned. I’ll be using my Asics for the 1/2 marathon (and hopefully stay injury free)…and hold off from signing up for any more races till I come to terms with my own running.

Another thing that I’ve realized is that I just haven’t spent enough time running each week, since I’ve been swimming, biking and doing CrossFit. Back in the day, when I was able to run injury-free, I ran at least 4-5 days per week and my legs were just used to it so I need to work on this area too.

OK – enough on running! Since today was a hot and humid 90+ degrees, I busted open the huge watermelon I bought yesterday, and then proceeded to eat most of it while still cutting it up (oops). I also can’t seem to find the photo I took of it..grrr…

So instead, here’s a picture of the sparkling wine I enjoyed (and am still enjoying ; ) this evening.
















And yes, I put ice in my white wine.
















Goodnight ya’ll – be back tomorrow with a Socca update!


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