A Day of “Nothing”

When was the last time you took a day to do nothing? Well – not really “nothing,” but a day to just do as you pleased. To eat breakfast, go for a run and then have the whole day to decide what to do – or whether to do anything at all πŸ™‚ I’m being slightly facetious here – but today was the first day in several weeks that I just took some time out for myself. I ran (after 11 days of resting my ankle…felt great to be back!), I walked my dog, cooked two recipes – something more complicated than smoothies or french toast, surfed the internet, read by the pool, swam, ate dinner and then watched the Olympics. Oh and blogged. And it felt great.

I could have “done” many other things today too – shopped for groceries, gone to the bank, put in a few more hours at my volunteer internship, gone to CrossFit or Yoga…and yet at some point I made the executive decision that I didn’t really need to do everything in one day. Sometimes, just limiting what you’re trying to squeeze into a day is so liberating; it takes the pressure and the stress away from feeling like you “have to be somewhere” all the time. Granted, I have the luxury of being on summer break right now, with an on-line class and flexible hours at my volunteer internship, and not everyone has that option – to just “take a break.” But if/when you do, savor it. Take a personal day mid-week to recharge, or enjoy the weekend without doing laundry or chores. I know that tomorrow is going to get busy again – but taking today for me, to read and just live life a little slower than I usually do felt absolutely wonderful. The feeling may vanish after tomorrow, but for today it was well worth it!

G’nite ya’ll πŸ™‚


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