CrossFit OnRamp Session: Day 4

I had my ass handed to me in todays WOD 😦 In fact, I had my butt kicked in our entire workout today, except for the review and practice of Kipping Pull-ups that we learned last time. (In my defense, I’ll say that I ran 7 miles this morning – but that doesn’t explain my pathetic upper body strength…definitely something I’m going to work on).

After our warm-up, we practiced Kipping pull-Ups, and then moved on to learn some new exercises: the Front Squat, the Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) and Wall-Balls. The girls did the Front Squats with a 15lb bar (guys used a 45lb bar), and then we all added 2 10lb weights to the bars for the SDHPs. The Front Squats weren’t bad at all, though I’m sure they get harder as you add more weight. The SDHPs were a different story. I struggled to get through the sets of SDHP and I think next time I might use a lighter weight to practice my form.

The Wall Balls involved throwing weighted medicine balls (10lb for girls, 13lb for guys), against a wall and then doing a squat as you catch it. You then use your quad strength to push you up and throw the ball at the wall again. Sounds easy – and the first few are fine. But then as you do more rounds of them, your quads and arms really start to hurt! At the end of our session we did a 10 minute WOD of 3 rounds: 21-15-9 of SDHPs and Wall Balls. This meant doing 21 SDHPs followed by 21 Wall Balls, then repeating with 15 SDHPs and 15 Wall Balls, and finally 9 of each.

I had a hard time with both exercises and really struggled to get through the sets…the wall balls left me gasping! But I’m determined to improve my strength in both of these areas over the next few weeks.

It’s also interesting to see that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to CrossFit. I can do air squats and lunges with no problem – but suck at Wall Balls and SDHPs, whereas some of the other “newbies” were much better at the latter. In the end though, you’re really competing with yourself – and trying to improve your own strength, flexibility and endurance. This really stands out when you see your coaches and teammates encouraging you on to finish your last few sets (as you struggle through – like me today!). But having that encouragement feels great and really helps you push through. So even though I had my butt kicked tonight, I know what I need to work on, and the challenge of improving in these areas is refreshing.

Our next session is on Thursday night so I’ll post another update then!


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