Rest and Yoga Day

Hi guys,

So instead of driving down to NYC today (sorry my NYC peeps…I totally flaked out 😦 ), I’m vegging out on my couch in Framingham, MA right now. At 8:45pm on a Saturday night. I know, I know – I’m a party pooper. But pooped is what I am after a busy week of internship, classwork and my first week of CrossFit OnRamp. I’m sore and tired and just needed a day of relaxation, and not having to be anywhere specific at any time. Sometimes you just need a quiet day to yourself, and it really does feel wonderful to take it. (Need to remember that more often!)

Admittedly, I didn’t sit around on my couch ALL day 😉 After sleeping in and making breakfast (eggs and waffles), I took Folly to the groomers for a much needed haircut (especially in the summer heat), returned a rug that I’d ordered on-line and was not the color I expected, went to the gym for a refreshing swim, made lunch, read for my class and then went to an hour long Hot Power Yoga class that was so humid that I was sweating buckets! I  don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much in a yoga class before…EVER! I mean there was a puddle of water under me (yuck) and what’s worse is that I didn’t bring an extra towel or my yogitoes yoga towel so my mat was super slick at the end of it too. Anyway, it was a lovely, relaxing class that was done to music, and was a nice way to stretch and to clear my mind after a busy week. I must remember to do more yoga…

After getting Folly and then some groceries (yeah – my fridge is getting bad again…ooops!), and making dinner, it’s already 8:45pm – and I’m totally fine with that. Some Saturday nights I feel restless and almost annoyed at myself if I’m not out and about – but nights like tonight are really good too once in a while. Time to yourself to rest and recharge. To just ‘be,’ and not have to ‘be anywhere.’ So whatever you’re doing tonight, I hope you’re enjoying yourself. Whether it’s watching a movie, dining out, spending time with friends or family, or just vegging on the couch with a glass of wine ;)…. Have a great weekend!


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