CrossFit On Ramp Session: Day 2

Hi guys! Tonight was our second CrossFit OnRamp session at CrossFit Newton. We started with a dynamic warmup of walking lunges, hamstring stretches, marches etc, and then spent the bulk of the session working on proper form for Deadlifts and Kettleball swings. At first it didn’t feel like as much of a workout as the first session on Monday, but towards the end of the ‘technique learning’ and practicing, I could definitely feel it inmy lats, back, hamstrings and quads. And we were only using a PVC pipe to practice proper form for the deadlift – but keeping our glutes and quads tight, and our back firm during repeated sets sure worked our muscles! After practicing with the PVC pipe, we used a kettleball to work on our deadlifts, and then moved on to proper form & practice sets of kettleball swings. The owner of CrossFit Newton coached us tonight and he was awesome! He not only showed us proper technique and form, but then walked around and corrected us individually as we practiced our sets. He showed us the difference between “bad form” and “good form” and explained how the former puts much more pressure on your lower back, arms and quads then is necessary (and can lead to early fatigue and injury). I certainly left with a much better understanding and appreciation of good form and technique for both of those exercises…and the kettleball swings were no joke! They got our heart rate up in a matter of swings!

Just before the end of the session, we did a mini WOD which was as many rounds as possible of 5 burpees and 5 kettleball swings (using a 25lb KB for women, and 35lb for men). Sounds easy….but wait till you try it. Two minutes into it and we were dying! We all kept going till the 5 minutes were up – but boy those last 20 seconds were ROUGH! My heart was racing at the end of it!

I’m beginning to see (and experience) why CrossFit workouts are so intense and so addictive! You not only work on strength at the sessions, but you also get a high intensity workout that really pushes you to test your limits, and the “high” that you feel at the end of it is much like a runner’s high – except you experience it much sooner!

So far I’m enjoying CrossFit (although we haven’t had a full WOD yet)…and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow night’s OnRamp session. Moreover, it’s not just the workouts that are addicting, but also the fact that you’re working out with a group of people, and the group atmosphere is so great.

I can see myself getting hooked on this…Good for working on my strength…but not so good considering expenses 😦 Well…I’ll enjoy the next 5 weeks and keep you all updated on how it’s progressing..

Till then, g’nite ya’ll…we’ll see what tomorrow’s session brings!


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