Hi folks,

So I guess I underestimated yesterdays Basic CrossFit workout – my arms, shoulders and quads are SO sore!! But sore in a “nice” way if that makes sense, as in, they’re not screaming in pain but are definitely feeling like they’ve been worked out. I’m not sure if I’ll still do a 4 mile run tomorrow morning – I may bump it to Thursday, and just do some yoga and perhaps biking depending on how my quads feel  (though I also have my next CrossFit OnRamp session Thursday night….hmmm) …we’ll see! Anyway, I’ll definitely provide an update after my next session. To work off some soreness I did an easy 30 minute swim this morning, and then took Folly for a 1 mile walk when I got home from my internship. I know it’s tempting to just “veg out” when your muscles are sore, but it’s actually better to do some light activity (like walking, a leisurely bike ride or swim, or some light yoga) to work out some of  the tightness and lactic acid, and this actually helps with the healing of muscle tissue. (Just nothing too strenuous if you’re very sore!)

Tomorrow is July 4th and I hope everyone has something to look forward to! I may be off to a cook-out depending on the weather (it’s supposedly going to rain here in Boston). Tonight, I’ll leave you with some fun breakfast items I’m loving at the moment 🙂 (And using up per my “Eat My Fridge” project…)

Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flax seeds; Crunchy & Salted … Love this stuff – it has a very intense, roasted flavor, and the flax seeds add a nice crunch and of course a good dose of Omega 3s. Give it a try if you’re looking for something different from your usual peanut butter or almond butter staple.










Blue Diamond Almond Milk Coconut Milk Blend – This has a delicious subtle flavor of coconut mixed in with the almond milk, and provides more calcium than a glass of cow’s or soy milk (45% vs 30% of your daily value based on a 2000 calorie diet). It doesn’t have much protein (only 1 gram per 8 oz), but I usually have it in a smoothie with some protein powder. It also provides Vitamins A D & E and some trace minerals (including phosphorus and some iron).










Nature’s Path Chia Plus Waffles – These are wheat & gluten free (so perfect for me!) and they are probably the best gluten free waffles I’ve had so far! They’re really filling too – well I have them as part of a big breakfast so maybe that’s it…;)…but give them a try if you’re looking for something different.











And Udi’s Gluten Free Chia & Millet Bread – LOVE THIS BREAD! Since going gluten free, I’ve tried several different brands of bread, and this is by far my favorite. It has a soft texture yet has a slight firmness and crunch from the millet, and 2 slices have 6 grams of fiber – which is awesome for gluten free bread (since many lack much fiber). However it is expensive and so far I’ve only seen it at Whole Foods, so I’m not sure if it’s available in other grocery stores. I don’t buy it too often but definitely when it’s on sale!



With that, I’m off to do some reading for my class. Happy 4th of July to you all!!


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