Two steps forward, one step back

Hello, Hello –  and happy weekend to you all! It’s going to be another hot one here in New England – so please stay well hydrated whatever you’re doing – going to the pool, beach or just hanging out outside!

Since my last post on my ridiculous refrigerator situation, I’ve made some progress in using up what I currently have on hand, but I also took “a step back” when I came home with more produce: strawberries, bananas, eggs and a box of veggie burgers this week (Hey – they were all on sale and things that I will eat up quickly!). However,  I did exert some self-control and refrained from buying yet another jar of peanut butter (to add to my collection – IOI). On a sad note though, some foods that I used to eat all the time last year are no longer as appealing to me – mainly tofu and Tempeh 😦 Not sure if I just OD-ed on soy and am just sick of it now, but I’m waiting till I really want some before opening up the packs that are currently sitting in my fridge.

Some creative ways in which I used up leftovers in my fridge this week were:

– Making a mashed chickpea burger/hash with the leftover Chickpea Curry, and eating that in tacos with a side salad.

– Having eggs (cooked in various ways) for either breakfast, lunch or dinner with brown rice tortillas, tacos or in a salad (Eggs are super versatile and can form the basis of a very nutritious and quick meal at any time of day. And don’t discard the yolk! Eating a yolk a day is fine for most people unless they have extremely high cholesterol, and more often it is dietary intake of saturated fats, especially from animal products, that is associated with high cholesterol, and not specifically dietary intake of cholesterol. Egg yolks are a great source of choline – necessary for healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system, many B vitamins, especially B12 – necessary for metabolism, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin D.)

– Having tofu tacos (not my favorite, but I was trying to use up leftover tofu)

– Making Homemade Black Bean Burgers with leftover black beans

Other ideas for using up leftover curries, vegetables and proteins (meat fish, chicken, soy) is to make a quick stir fry with them and then add them to a salad, sandwich or a wrap. Most things taste great in a sandwich 🙂 and that way you (i) don’t waste any leftover food, (ii) save money by not ordering take-out again, and (iii) probably end up with something that is healthier than take-out anyway.

Now if  only I can be satisfied with home-brewed coffee, and not feel compelled to get Starbucks everyday, sometimes twice a day :(….

Working on it folks… 😉


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