Refrigerator “Ridiculousness”

Does anyone else have a refrigerator that looks even half as ridiculous as mine? I mean look at it – just packed to the brim with all kinds of stuff – fruit, veggies, salad mix, tofu, tempeh, almond and coconut milks, orange and (unopened) tomato juice, gatorade, seltzer water, a billion condiments, six types of nut and seed butters (Why????), cherry preserves, apple butter that I don’t eat, sesame oil, flax seeds and flax meal, 2 kinds of soups, brown rice wraps, chickpeas, eggs and egg whites, wine and nail polish (yes, I keep my nail polish in the fridge to make it last longer. Pity that it doesn’t last that long on my fingernails or toenails…maybe I should consider refrigerating them instead…)




























True – I always have items on hand to throw together a quick meal – but still – there is NO need to have this much food in my refrigerator. Part of the reason for this clutter is that (1) I hate throwing things away and wasting them, (2) I hate meal planning because I’m never sure what I’ll be in the mood for and hate to not have something on hand if I’m craving it, and (3) I like to grocery shop 🙂

But – after looking at this refrigerator of ridiculousness I’ve decided that I really do need to start planning my meals better, and start grocery shopping on a strict budget to avoid buying unnecessary and repetitive items (Note to self: Despite my obsession with nut nutters, I am forbidden from buying anymore until I have finished my current stock…6 jars anyone???)

So going forward, I’ll try to provide a tentative outline of some of my weekly meals and grocery shopping trips – and hope that it keeps me on track (and on a budget) when it comes to grocery shopping. Tonight’s dinner was an attempt to use up some veggies and tofu that I had in the fridge, along with an almost empty jar of salsa, some almond cheese, avocado and some black beans. Tofu tacos were born, and consumed with a side salad and a glass of white wine (After all – I do need to drink the wine in my fridge too 😉 )

Tomorrows meals (hell – this week’s meals) will involve using up more stuff in my fridge before it goes bad – and then the planning will begin.

Do any of you have outrageously over-stocked refrigerators? And does anyone want any nut butters???


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  1. I have the exact same problem! I’ve really been trying to cut down on how much stuff I buy to avoid food waste!! Tough habit to break 😉

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