Achilles Hope & Possibility Run in NYC

Hi Folks!

I spent this past weekend in NYC (LOVE the City!!!!). Of course I absolutely LOVE going down to meet up with my friends and brother there – but this weekend I also had two NYRR races; one on Saturday and the other on Sunday (Note to self: Do NOT register for 2 races back-to-back again – ever). They were both 5 milers but I pushed myself a little too hard on the hills Central Park on Saturday, and spent the rest of the afternoon feeling sore and a little dejected at the thought that I might not be able to do Sunday’s race. The fact that I spent the afternoon on my feet venturing around NYC, didn’t quite help with the recovery either. However…..the boatload of Mexican food, including an ungodly amount of rice, beans and guacamole, that my friend and I inhaled that night (and topped off with some red wine at a lovely wine bar 🙂 )…seemed to rejuvenate me. So the next morning I donned my compression shorts, t-shirt and race bib and headed off to Central Park again. This time I took it easier, ran much more slowly than usual and walked up some of the hills. So I did finish it 🙂

It wasn’t my best race or run to date –  but I’m glad I went. Really glad. Not because I had registered for it and would have felt disappointed about skipping it – but because it was such an inspiration to see all the individuals out there who were also doing the race. Individuals in wheelchairs, with prosthetic legs, children who were disabled or blind and were being led by a guide – all intent on completing the race. And they did, to a cheering crowd of supporters. I felt so humbled and yet so proud and honored to be there with them – cheering for them and run/walking alongside them. It was really their race and it was such an important reminder that a lot of the time, we take for granted what we have – our health, our abilities, our friends and families. We may complain of aches and pains, and complain about how we look (“my thighs/butt/calves/arms look fat, I don’t have flat abs,” etc etc etc)…but how often do we appreciate what we CAN do? We take for granted our ability to walk or run and yet for so many people it is a real accomplishment and a joy to be able to do that everyday.

That race was the NYRR Achilles Hope & Possibility 5M Run in Central Park and I hope to be able to do it in future years too. I’m glad I went yesterday, even though my feet were sore and it wasn’t my best run –  because it was such an inspiration and a reminder to be grateful for what I have and what my body can still do – and I hope I remember that each day going forward.


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