Exercising While Abroad

One of the things that I always find hard to balance when I’m traveling is the type of exercise that I am able to engage in. When I’m home, I vary my workouts between running, swimming, biking and weights, so that I reduce the risk of injury and prevent burnout/boredom. However, when you’re traveling, especially abroad (as I am right now), and you don’t have access to your usual gym or pool it becomes a little more difficult to add some variety to your routine. If you’re a fan of exercise DVDs then that can certainly help, but if not (as in my case), then you have to be a little more creative. Being in India at the moment, visiting my parents for 12 days, I’ve tried hard to add some variety to my workouts – and not run everyday (since I’m so prone to running injuries). I’ve also tried to keep my mileage fairly low – and just run 3 – 4 miles on my ‘run’ days, and on the other days of the week stick to a run/walk or a walk/sprint combo to give my muscles and my mind a break. So far it seems to have been working – though I am itching to get back in the pool and on a bike again J

I’ve also used some of the weights that my brother left behind, and used a Jillian Michael’s “30 Day Shred” DVD that I brought with me. It’s certainly not the routine that I would follow on a regular basis – but for 12 days it’s fine, and it’s better than (a) running everyday and (b) not exercising at all – though that scenario probably wouldn’t be very likely in my case 😉

The walk/sprint combo that I did this morning went somewhat like this:

10 min walk

1 min sprint

2 min walk

1.5 min sprint

1 min jog

1.5 min walk

Repeat 3 times (from the 1 min sprint)

1 min sprint

2 min jog

1 min sprint

5 min walk (cool down)

Total (including 10 min warm up walk & 5 min cool down): 40 mins

I got in a great workout (worked up some sweat, elevated heart rate due to the sprints), and ended up using working the fast-twitch muscle fibers in my legs which I rarely do on my longer and even-paced regular runs. Working these fast-twitch fibers will hopefully help me improve my overall pace without killing my legs (and my foot) with too many longer runs at the moment. When I got back home after the workout (I did it outside), I stretched and did some work on my abs, and then it was breakfast and shower time.


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  1. I also like those resistance bands; one can pack them very easily and they are just as good as moderate weights. They come in different difficulty difficulty levels depending on their color. I’ll try your running routine, the interval training I think they call it. Ahh, if there is anything bad about going on vacation, it’s the disruption of an otherwise healthy and routine-oriented exercise regimen.

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