Running Injuries and Age

One of the things that I’ve had a difficult time with in the last few years is ‘running injuries.’ As much as I love the sport, it seems that whenever I increase my mileage or speed, I end up with strained hip flexors or plantar fasciitis. After getting over a hip injury last year, I ran three half-marathons towards the end of 2011, but then after my last one (The Rock n Roll Half in St Petersburg, Florida) in February 2012, I ended up with 2 strained hip flexors again 😦 That was probably my own fault though; I ran faster than I should have and hadn’t trained for it sufficiently. Lesson Learned.

So now, a few months down the line, as I start to run and build up mileage again, I’ve come to the realization that maybe I do have to take things more slowly now that I’m older. I’m no longer in my twenties and can’t bounce back from injuries as quickly. I probably need more rest days (and I’m notorious for not scheduling rest days into my weekly workouts) so I’m going to have to be more diligent about forcing myself to take a complete day off from any time of formal workout each week. And as much as I hate to admit it, maybe I do have to accept that I’m not going to be as fast as I used to be…If I want to stay healthy and injury free, and keep running for many years to come, I may just have to bump down my pace. So I’m working on it, and also incorporating more strength training, yoga, swimming and stretching into my weekly workouts…oh yes, and a day off 😉

I’m curious to know though, how other individuals deal with getting older and fitness related injuries. Do you find that you need more time off, more rest days, more cross-training? And do any of you runners find that you get slower as you move into your thirties and forties?


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