Letting Go

Hi Everyone,

So I know I said that I’d try to post at least 3 times a week even when things got busy, but the last two weeks have been kinda rough. I’m not going into too much detail because it involves things in my personal life but I’m doing all right and dealing with things as best as I can. I’ve actually been meaning to write for the last couple of nights but have just been frazzled and overwhelmed – but writing is also therapeutic and I’m glad that I’m finally doing it again!

This week was rather eye-opening for me because it made me realize that sometimes we convince ourselves that we’re superheroes and can deal with almost anything in our lives while still maintaining our day-to-day activities. And then we end up getting stressed out, irritable, emotional or constantly tired and unable to sleep. We blame it on work, travel, school, relationships, life, etc, …But we don’t want to let go of anything. We still want to get up early (after only a minimal amount of sleep), exercise, work, cook, eat, have a social life, have a family, earn more money, volunteer, travel and “do it all”. . . Why? We don’t need to fit everything into our life all the time – and especially when certain difficulties arise and we just need some more time to deal with our own emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes we just need to let go of one or  two “stressors” in our life – and just slow down a bit to appreciate and enjoy life.

For me, the realization that I needed to let go of something happened on Wednesday night, after a telephone sob session with a dear friend. And after dropping one of my classes to maintain a lighter and more manageable schedule this semester, I do feel so much better. I’ve realized that letting go of some things is healthy and necessary at times just to maintain your own health and sanity, and enjoy your life a little more. Other things, mainly personal and emotional are not as easy to let go; but acknowledging them and realizing that sometimes you need more time to deal with things than you had originally thought, can also be a form of “letting go,” –  because you let go of denial. You let go of a veneer and embrace your own emotions, and that recognition in itself is so liberating.

That’s all for now folks … I promise I’ll be back with a more upbeat post soon – but rest assured I’m doing fine – and looking forward to my brother’s visit this weekend! Have a wonderful weekend!

– Cheers 🙂


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