Pure Yoga

I never regret going to a Hot Vinyasa Yoga class, and today’s class at Pure Yoga, on the Upper East Side in NYC was no exception. My sister-in-law had two guest passes to Pure Yoga and so she treated my brother and I to a hot power vinyasa yoga class today. It was awesome… I had done a freezing 5 mile run in Central Park earlier this morning and so the hot yoga class was the perfect stretch, and the perfect “internal warm-up” after being in the cold today.

Pure Yoga is a pretty fancy yoga studio (and they have a location on both the Upper West and Upper East Side in NYC). The studio provides all yogis with a mat, a towel and a block, already set up in the studio, and there are also plenty of and a cool, minted towels set aside as refreshing face-cloths for participants. The studio itself has a spa-like interior, with couches and toiletries set out for yogis so that they can take a refreshing shower post-yoga, and it’s a much-needed shower! But in a good way for sure! The vinyasa class today proceeded through a series of sun salutations and chatarangas, and then moved on to a sequence of planks, downward facing dogs, three-legged dogs, warriors and tree poses. It ended with the wonderful hip-opening pigeon pose which was surprisingly easier than it has been for me in the past; maybe because I was drenched in sweat at that point and my muscles were wonderfully warmed up. And then we ended in shiva-sana….a soothing, relaxing time of repose at the end of an intense, yet amazingly cleansing yoga class.

I left feeling spent, in a good way, but internally refreshed too. My muscles felt challenged and stretched, and my mind felt calmer and clearer… a wonderful feeling for sure…And a wonderful way to spend another afternoon in the City…


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