The Social Butterfly

One of the things I love most about NYC is the fact that there are people everywhere! I know that might seem strange to some folks who think that cities, and NYC in particular, are too crowded and many are too polluted. And I remember that when I used to live here, there were some days when the rush-hour crowds would drive me insane. But now that I live in the ‘burbs of Boston, I kinda miss the crowds of NYC… among other things of course…

And it makes me wonder if there’s a social butterfly in all of us really. After all, we are a social species, we enjoy the company of our kinsman and revel in good conversation, good company and of course good food! But I think there’s also a certain comfort in knowing that there is life around you, whether or not you choose to participate in it. At least you know it’s there, in the background, like a comforting buzz of business …. a “white noise” that reassures you of social company and interaction should you decide to venture out into it.

And I think that’s why living alone in NYC doesn’t really feel like “living alone,” because you have the city around you. And staying indoors watching TV in NYC on a cold, rainy night feels so different from sitting at home alone on a cold, rainy night in the ‘burbs of Boston. Because that really does feel “lonely…”

I think the social butterfly in all of us enjoys company… whether it’s through active participation in society/ with other individuals or through the reassurance of life around us. I think we need that interaction, even though sometimes people seem to drive us insane 🙂

So I’m going to try and remember that the next time I’m standing in line behind someone and getting frustrated because it’s taking so long. And when I’m sitting in traffic, cursing the number of cars out on the streets. And when I I’m out running, shopping, walking… doing anything, and find myself getting irritated due to the crowds. Because in fact, I need those crowds….I like those crowds…They are the comforting signs and sounds of life around me…and a reminder that we are a social species.


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