Folly’s Birthday!

January 21st and it’s Folly’s 1st birthday! Happy Birthday to my little pumpkin 🙂 I’m so proud of her  – that she’s grown into such a spunky and adorable little puppy. Though now, she can’t be called a puppy anymore…she’s considered a young adult!

M says that when he first saw her, after I had just gotten her and she was only 3 months old, he wasn’t sure if she’d make it because she was so sick. She had a horrible cough (the shelter thought it was a respiratory infection) and was on antibiotics twice a day for a month and a half. It was supposed to get better in 2 weeks but unfortunately it dragged on. And she had no appetite and was so listless and weak. But she made it! My little champion…after weeks of crushing her pills into her food twice a day so that she would take them. I tried hiding the whole pills in bits of cheese but after a while she clued in, and mastered the art of eating the cheese and then spitting out the pill. So I ended up having to crush them into her food. Well, it eventually worked! And she’s a healthy munchkin now 🙂

Folly also got three new bowls for her birthday (yes – I’m feeding my bowl obsession vicariously through my pup).

A green one with paw prints on it . . . and those are remnants of her breakfast in it.

green bowl

And then two small pink ones for when we travel . . . and just because they were so cute!


Diva bowls 

Love the Diva bowl 🙂

diva bowl1


And then I spent the rest of today studying Chemistry…since I just started classes.

chem book

Next week, I’ll be starting Biology and my first Nutrition class. It’s going to be a long road to getting my Master’s in Nutrition and RD credential… Sometimes I feel like I need a pep talk when I think about how long it’s going to take me… till 2014 because of all my science pre-requisites. And of course I keep second-guessing myself and wondering if I made the right decision by going back to school. But as I’ve said to myself and others before, “Go for it,”…No looking back…If things don’t work out, you can deal with them then…

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend…and send some happy vibes this way ;)!

– Cheers!


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