Fish-tailing and Icicles

It’s ironic how I hate the cold – and yet I keep moving further north every few years…The thought of a warm, sunny beach sounds incredibly good right now… considering this is what it’s like up in the Boston/Framingham area:

snowed in again


One of these days, maybe when I’m done with school again, I’ll convince M to move down south 🙂 To sunny Florida or even the west coast… We’ll see…

Anyway, this morning, after digging M’s truck out of the snow to go to campus and get my parking pass and ID (since classes start later this week), I ventured out of our parking lot onto the main road. . .  only to fishtail everywhere, freak out and frantically call M saying, “I can’t drive this truck…I’m fish-tailing…going to crash,” (I had pulled over by this time). Well at least his truck has 4 wheel drive because switching to that certainly helped and averted any crisis 🙂 Poor M had a worse time with my little car. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not driving anywhere else in this weather today… just too dangerous…Sunny Florida is sounding even better…

The only thing I think I actually enjoyed about the cold this morning was seeing these beauties hanging off the bush outside…


Beautiful icicles …

But I will still take a warm, sunny beach over these frozen droplets of water any day 🙂


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  1. Melanie Sullivan

    It is pretty ironic that you really do love the heat and yet you live on the east coast where winter weather is a norm. Should have stayed in Cbus. At least we don’t get too much snow but it is cold. I can understand the whole fish tailing experience. I was doing that in my Matrix-bald tires. Now I am having a fine time in my new Camry. Michelin tires are helping me hum right along. Good luck and try to stay warm.

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