Bowls, Bowls, Bowls!

M will tell you that I have somewhat of an obsession with bowls. Of all different shapes, sizes and colors. And I can’t get enough of them! I’ve had to ban myself from stores like Crate and Barrel, CB2, and Anthropologie, because I can’t go in without walking out with some assortment of bowls 🙂 And to top it off, I took two ceramics classes when I was living in New York and practiced making (you guessed it!) bowls on the potter’s wheel. Loved it – but it still didn’t stop me from buying bowls in stores.

I’ve wondered (and M has of course asked) why I like bowls so much… and I think it’s the combination of aesthetics and functionality that appeals to me. I love the way that a bowl can look so artistic – in color, shape, style and form, and yet have an important, functional value too. After all, who is going to use a bowl that is beautiful, but difficult or unwieldy to hold?

My current favorite is ….The Buddha Bowl by Flavour Design. I LOVE this bowl – it’s so functional and so comfortable to hold…fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so that you can get up and walk around (though that’s a bad habit while eating…I know!)…I ordered mine on-line at Uncommongoods (which is based in Brooklyn, NY!). They have extremely fast shipping and awesome customer service – so hats off to them! 🙂 Thinking about getting another one but they are pricey…so worth it though!

Buddha Bowl1 

buddha bowl1

And another indulgent purchase from Uncommongoods, the Udon noodle bowl also by Flavourdesign. I haven’t yet tried using this bowl – but it still fits my bill for being aesthetically pleasing and functional!



And here’s a photo gallery of other regulars in our household. Keep in mind that all but the last one come in sets of 4 or 6 🙂 Hence my reputation for being a bowl hoarder…. The last one below is my own creation in a ceramics class.

1. and 2. Both sets bought at Kohl’s a long time ago. The first one is part of a series by Bobby Flay. I have 2 each of the lime green, teal and purple. Really fun, colorful and functional set. The second is part of a set by Corsica.

3. Latte bowls from Anthropologie

4. A set of 4 mini parker bowls from Crate and Barrel.

5. Part of my white, porcelain organic-shaped dinnerware set that I bought at West Elm.

6. Square soup bowls from CB2

7. A set of small hand-made bowls bought at Crate and Barrel a long time ago.

8. Mine – made in a ceramics class in NYC.

 bobby flay corsica 

 anthropologie mini parker

west elm square

crate1 mine

And of course various other glass bowls, metal bowls and mugs that function as bowls, which I have also accumulated over the last few years…most of them are sitting in storage …

I’m sure most of you have some sort of an obsession with something…right ??? 🙂

– Cheers!


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  1. Melanie Sullivan

    I have an obsession with coffee mugs. I love them. Every time I go on vacation I have to get a mug to symbolize my visit. Now of course I am brimming with cups and my hubby has put his foot down. I actually took some to Goodwill. It was so sad parting with my beauts. Of course knowing me I will soon add more to my collection. Also, collect Boyd’s Bears and friends and they adorn my shelves. I have holiday ones that I decorate with seasonally. Makes me happy. I say keep on buying bowls. Better to hoard those then animals:)

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