Snowed In Again!

Good Morning World…looks like we’re snowed in again up in the Boston (and of course Framingham) area…! Here’s the view from my back porch …

SNowed In

Walking pup was fun this morning…like the last snow storm, she started backing away from the front door as soon as we set foot outside. We walked around the parking lot twice…and like a good girl she did her business 🙂

I also volunteered M and I to help shovel out a neighbor’s car at 2:30pm since she just had surgery. The poor woman was out there trying to make a head start on shoveling, thinking it would take her a while 😦 So M and I have our workout scoped out for us. I’ve never shoveled before so this shall be an interesting initiation into the art (and pain) of shoveling snow…Yikes!

Plans for today include computer work, blog work, shoveling and then prep work for a Health Fair on Diabetes that I’m volunteering at on Saturday morning. That – and I’ll be back later with a post on the health benefits of Chia Seeds. My breakfast this morning included Chia seeds in oatmeal . . . so more on that in a bit! 🙂


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