A pissed off puppy

What do you do with a pissed off puppy? One who decides to shred your prescription, chew through the strap of your swim goggles and eat the corner of a jigsaw puzzle box???

Swim goggles with the chewed straps tied together… shoddy patch up job but it’ll have to do till I can get to a store and replace them.


Chewed up corner of a jigsaw puzzle box … apparently, Folly likes cardboard… a lot… She also has a digestive system of steel… (thank goodness!)


The remnants of my prescription are in the trash. It’ll sound like such a cliché when I call my doctor’s office and ask them to write me another one… because my dog ate it…Oh well…

Apparently, Folly was not too happy last night when M and I left her at home with M’s mom, while we were at his company’s annual holiday party. We stayed in Boston overnight and I guess she didn’t like us being away. That being said, I know she had a great time with M’s mom here….the chewing happened overnight when the rest of the world was asleep. Evidently, Folly was not. She was busy pulling my prescription out of my purse, my goggles out of my gym bag…and then devouring the delicious cardboard corner of a puzzle box in the office.

Oh puppy . . I love thee still 🙂


Folly portrait


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  1. Cutest puppy ever and… I really love reading your posts and “hearing” how happy you are.

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