Chickened Out…

I don’t know if I can ever eat chicken again. Okay – maybe I will after a while, but right now, I’m feeling quite “chickened out.” Backing up a bit….

A couple of days ago, M brought home a whole chicken saying that he wanted to roast it like we (he) did for Christmas. Well, last night the chicken was still sitting in the fridge, quadruple-wrapped in plastic bags and perched on a plastic Tupper-ware lid – to prevent any “chicken juice” spillage. I freak out about “chicken juice” getting on anything. I also refuse to cook a whole chicken – it just looks too overwhelming and freaks me out a little. Plus I don’t like dealing with the whole bird in its entirety…legs, neck etc…ewww….(probably somewhat hypocritical of me since I don’t mind cooking the pre-cut up breasts). Anyway, it was M’s responsibility to cook the whole thing. So last night, at 8:30pm, we – or rather M, decided that we really had to cook it, even though we’re not eating at home the next couple of nights due to other social engagements, but we just couldn’t let it sit there any longer. Oven goes on to preheat. We go into the living room (we’d both already eaten dinner), and then we both proceed to get distracted by the TV, laptop, iPad etc… At 10pm, when I go into the kitchen to make some tea, I notice the roaster still sitting on the counter. Great. After some grief, the bird goes in the oven… Well – if you haven’t already experienced it, I can vouch for the fact that the smell of chicken cooking from 10pm –12am is NOT the most pleasant thing in the world. Not right before bedtime….

Neither is waking up the next morning to a roasted chicken sitting on the stovetop, covered in foil. Not when I haven’t had my coffee yet. Well, suffice it to say that since M had to rush off to work, yours truly was designated the task of cutting up the chicken and packaging it away in various Tupper-ware containers to be frozen for meals this weekend and next week. After a half hour or so of being up to my elbows in chicken legs, thighs, breasts, fat, gravy and various other bits and pieces, I had and still have absolutely NO desire to eat chicken EVER AGAIN 😦

When you think about it though, maybe there’s something in that….If it disturbs me and grosses me out to deal with the whole bird in its entirety, is it hypocritical of me to be cooking and eating it when it’s already cut up, or served to me on a plate in a restaurant? The same probably goes for fish too…If I don’t like dealing with “the whole thing,” i.e. the bird, fish etc, can I justify eating it when I’ve detached myself from the physical entirety of the animal??? That’s some food for thought…Just not chicken….for now anyway…

I leave you with a picture of fresh vegetables … Don’t worry….I was NOT about to take and post pictures of the chicken 🙂

And M, you might be eating a LOT of chicken over the next few days/weeks…



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