Hi folks! We have snow!!!!! This is certainly not my first time seeing snow – but it is for my little pup 🙂 Just thought I’d share some cute pictures of her first foray into the snow…

Initially, Folly wasn’t too sure if she wanted to venture out in the snow, but then nature must have been making pressing demands on her bladder because she did eventually step out into the white landscape, albeit unwillingly (Folly HATES the rain so this may have brought back memories of her bathroom breaks in cold, wet weather…not fun memories I’m sure).

Then, she realized that snow was edible!!! Mmmmm….Eating snow…..

 Eating snow1

Yum, yum…snow tastes good…..

eating snow2

Then it started to get cold….and she wasn’t too sure if she wanted to stay out any longer….

Folly in snow1

But we hadn’t done “number 2” yet so around the parking lot we went. Well, that was a short trip, because the minute the snow tractors started going by, plowing the snow (and making a ton of noise), Folly decided to start howling again…her infamous coyote-style howls when she’s pissed off, upset..or in this case, scared and cold 😦  I guess I would be pretty miserable too if I had to take my toilet breaks outside in the cold, and be forced to squat against frozen water… Kind of sucks for dogs if you think about it…

So “number 2” never happened…we had to go back home before we rallied the whole neighborhood with Folly’s coyote summons. Here’s hoping that the early afternoon break will be more “productive.”


Hope you’re enjoying the snow and holiday season!



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