Sheer Madness!!!

That’s what I’m thinking after running in 19 degree weather this morning. I mentioned in an earlier post that I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and so I’ve had to take a break from running for the last few months. Well, over the last few weeks, I’ve gradually added 1 – 2 days of running to my weekly workouts. Short runs, which started at around 2 miles and are now just under 5, and so far they have all been outside. Well this morning – the COLDEST day we’ve had all week, I decided that I really wanted to go for a run – and not on the treadmill. So despite the ridiculously cold temperatures, I bundled up in running tights, several layers of running clothing, my bright pink-orange running hat and my running gloves, …strapped on my Garmin and iPod and headed out.

It wasn’t too bad at first – but then, as always happens when I run (or used to run) in sub-20 degree weather, my fingers started to freeze…and I mean painfully freeze 😦 I did manage 4.7 miles and at that point my hands were just too cold so I headed back home to experience even more pain as my fingers and hands warmed up. Do I regret doing it? Nope. Not one bit. I always vowed I wouldn’t run in sub-20 degrees but that was back when I think I ran too much…and ran compulsively. Now – I know that if I really feel like running….I really want to run  – and I’m all for seizing the moment 🙂 So yes – it was cold, and yes, my fingers hurt, but it was only for a short while. As the old cliché goes…pain is temporary, but glory (or whatever the next word is)…is forever…(cheesy but very appropriate in relation to this morning’s run). Sometimes, things are more painful than we expect or anticipate – but often enough, the effort we put into achieving a goal – or even trying to achieve it, and the satisfaction of knowing that you “did it,” makes it all worthwhile.


All I need now are some better running gloves…Hmmm…maybe Santa will bring me some for Christmas 🙂 (Hint, hint M…:)

PS – M, I like the streamlined ones (snug, but warm, and not bulky… so I can blow my nose with the tissues I carry when I run…Yes – I carry tissues when I run).

PPS – My running jacket is kind of old too 🙂 (And yes – I am obnoxious!)


– Happy Holidays ya’ll – Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! 🙂


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