So most of my friends and acquaintances know me as a pretty healthy individual: I eat healthy, exercise regularly and try live a fairly well-balanced lifestyle. However, as we all know, everyone (yes EVERYONE!) has some guilty pleasures/splurges/confessions that we indulge in….and pretend that they “don’t really count.” 🙂

Now we don’t need to go into any intimate details…I’m talking about the harmless little guilty pleasures that are fun to indulge in…and also perhaps fun to admit to from time to time. So here goes…

As much as I strive to eat healthy most of the time (M has decided to call me a “Nutrition Nazi”), I have my little nutritional indiscretions just the same as anyone else….

1. I regularly swipe peanut butter and almond butter out of the jar…but those swipes “don’t really count” 🙂 It’s only the peanut/almond butter I spoon out and put on a plate or my food that “counts” in my book (muwah ha ha). Notice the cleanly swiped sides of the nut butter jar below….I would say it’s just a case of excellent spooning out of the jar…. 😉

peanut butter

pb jar

2.  The chocolate chips that I gouge out of  chocolate chip banana bread, and pick at while standing at the kitchen counter, don’t really “count” as eating banana bread or chocolate chips…they are just fatalities of badly sliced chocolate chip banana bread…right? 🙂

banana bread

banana bread crumbs

3. The crumbs from any form of chocolate dessert (cake, cookie, torte etc) are a free for all…eating those crumbs does not classify as eating the actual dessert in my book…. 🙂 After all, they are so small…how can they be classified as dessert??? Hmmm????


4. The wine I drink out of M’s glass doesn’t really “count” either, right?…Even if sometimes I’ll drink more of it than he does 🙂 So if M’s glass ends up being the receptacle for half a bottle of red wine, and the glass made it’s way to me some (most?) of the time…it still doesn’t really count does it? 🙂

Of course I’m being facetious in all of the above…but it’s just a little light-hearted humor for the holidays! The point is that all of us have our little quirks and harmless, guilty indulgences…and they’re perfectly fine – as long as we are aware of them and moderate about how often we engage in them . We may justify them to ourselves  saying that “they don’t count” because they’re only little bites of this or little sips of that, but in reality all our “little bites and sips” often add up to too many unnecessary calories. It’s fine to have some guilty indulgences, but it’s also good to be mindful of them…especially during the holiday season when there is SO much good food and drink around us. We’re probably all sick of reading articles on holiday weight gain, exercising during the holidays etc, etc…so no lecturing here 🙂 I’m all about enjoying life – but as always, in moderation. Of course all my nut butter jar swipes, chocolate chip hijackings and wine “tastings” count when it comes to extra calories…but I still indulge in them – consciously, knowingly….just in moderation – not to excess!



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  1. As they say here at Weight Watchers, track every “BLT”…bites, licks and tastes 🙂 Miss you! Hope you and M come down to the city and visit soon.

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