Pup Strikes Again….

My puppy just loves to destroy random things….like important documents, her own harness, lipstick (as described in a previous post), and feminine hygiene products…um..yeah…enough said there. Rest assured, they were still in the original packaging. Unused.

Backtracking a bit, M and I usually leave Folly in her kennel when we go out – because we have white carpeting and well – we just don’t want any mishaps at home. Plus, Folly does have a history of chewing wires so we’d rather not take any chances with any more phone chargers, laptop cords or printer cables. However, my pup also seems to suffer from separation anxiety…so every time we come home, we’re greeted with a bout of intense howling and yelping by Folly, which lasts for a good 10 minutes, followed by a frantic chase around the house. Sometimes, she continues to howl and whimper even as we cuddle and coax her into feeling comfortable again. Well, M and I thought that we might have made our neighbors suffer enough, so we figured we’d try leaving her out of her kennel, as long as we hid all the wires within her reach. It worked for a few days. There was no intense howling or yelping when we got home, and so we thought we had resolved the problem. Until yesterday.

Pup decided that while I was out during the afternoon, she was going to chew through her own harness. Great. I returned from my errands to find a chewed up harness and a proud and happy pup. I couldn’t stay mad at her though because she did look so proud of her handy work:) Anyway, later that evening, I left again to run some more errands and buy a replacement harness. When I got back, she was busy mangling something else under the dining room table. Feminine hygiene products. Lovely. I guess she got bored of her juicy bone and her plethora of other chew toys. Oh well…. back to the kennel it is for a few days.

And don’t worry – she’s fine. The feminine hygiene products, not so much. They’re in the trash.  

Don’t get me wrong though…M and I still ADORE our little barracuda 🙂 She’s just one expensive barracuda! 🙂

The Mangled Harness:


Pup’s Bone



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