My Pup Likes Lipstick….

Yes – my pup likes lipstick…loves it apparently. And I don’t mean she likes to wear it (though she did have it plastered all over her face and paws), but she likes to eat it.

Don’t get me wrong – we don’t feed her lipstick…it just happened by accident yesterday. Typically, M and I leave Folly in her kennel when we leave the house, because we have white carpeting and we’re a little nervous about her having an accident at home when we’re not around (even though she is potty trained), or chewing her way through another set of phone chargers, printer cables, and/or laptop cords. Well yesterday, we decided that since we’d be out all afternoon, it wouldn’t be fair to leave her shut in her kennel, so we’d leave her free to roam around the house. Big mistake. As we we were rushing out of the house to meet our friends for lunch, one of my lipsticks fell out of my purse and onto the floor. I didn’t notice it was missing till we were on the road – but figured it was not worth going back home just to get it. Should have thought better and gone home to check where it was.

We came home later that evening around 7pm, and did a quick walk through the apartment checking for “accidents.” Didn’t find any …but what I did find was a mangled tube of lipstick lying by the kitchen door. As I inspected it, with a mortified look on my face, Folly emerged from the bedroom with a chestnut brown, lipstick stained snout and tinted paws….delighted to see us again. In tow, she dragged along a black bra from the laundry basket….just to continue her trend of strewing underwear in the living and dining room during our absence.

Of course, the frantic “mommy” in me, took her out to potty and then immediately called the vet, ASPCA Poison Control Center, the Animal Hospital and 3 emergency animal care centers to see if if I should bring her in, what to do, give/not give her. I was told to just monitor her for the next few hours and see if she was acting, eating and drinking normally…If so, she’d be fine…but would would just have lipstick stained poop. (Google searches said the same)…

Folly was and is fine…no lipstick colored poop, even a day later. Just the remnants of the chestnut brown makeup on her paws…and the white carpet…

That’s OK though…I can live with the lipstick stained carpet…..but I couldn’t do without my little barracuda pup 🙂 



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