City or Suburb…?

About a month ago, M and packed up our apartment and moved from The Big Apple to a small town in the suburbs of Boston. A big change. The suburbs just seem so much calmer, quieter and less crowded. Things are less expensive compared to the city….rent, groceries, Starbucks (bonus for me!) and gym memberships…well most things anyway…pedicures and dry-cleaning are actually more expensive because they aren’t as prevalent as in the city,where they can be spotted on almost every street.

There is a certain calmness in the suburbs, where people just seem a little more laid back and more at peace with life. The sense of urgency that fuels New York just seems so alien here. I know that I have felt less “stressed” after moving here….I always said that I couldn’t live in the Big Apple forever…it was just a little too frantic for me, too rushed, too “on the go” all the time…and often exhausting…

And yet I miss it. There’s a certain energy and lust for life in New York that is addictive, and I find myself drawn back there. Maybe it’s not just New York…maybe it’s an energy that characterizes most big cities. But it is difficult to leave behind completely once you have lived in it for a few years. The people, the passion, the variety, the drive…the energy…

Where do you find a happy medium between the two? A balance between the calm, grounding stability of the suburbs, and the sheer energy and life of the City. Do you have to give up one completely…or are there towns/small cities which maintain a happy medium between the two. Or do we change? Do we grow out of wanting the life of the city as we move through different stages of our life, and “city living” no longer has the same appeal. Or does the intoxication of the city stay in our veins forever…?

I’m not really sure. Right now, I’m happy to be in the ‘burbs with M and the pup. We go back to The Big Apple quite often….can’t stay away from it for too long….it keeps drawing us back :)….I guess we’ll just see how we like living in the ‘burbs for a while. After all, NYC will always be there….;)




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