Introducing Coffee Beans and Greens

Hi Folks,

I’ve been meaning to start my own blog for a while, especially after reading so many other inspirational healthy lifestyle blogs. Coffee Beans and Greens is going to be an adventure for me, and I hope for my readers. It is intended to be an informative yet fun blog, providing an insight into how I strive to maintain a healthy balance in my life as I transition to living in a new town with my husband and pup, and pursue a career change from the corporate world to the field of nutrition.

I hope that Coffee Beans and Greens will be a fun, yet insightful blog where my readers (family, friends, colleagues…and hopefully many others!) can seek out ideas on healthy living and maintaining a balance, whether it be a balance in work, life, food and/or fitness. That being said, this blog might not appeal to everyone – and that’s totally fine 🙂 It will be a blog primarily focused on health, nutrition, and fitness and balancing these in our lives. However, I understand that everyone is different; people have different physical and emotional needs, and different social and family responsibilities. My thoughts and ideas on achieving and maintaining a balanced life are really my thoughts. They are not recommendations or suggestions for everyone to incorporate into their lifestyle. That being said, if there are healthy ideas on Coffee Beans and Greens which motivate you to add more balance and/or something healthier to your life, I do hope you enjoy them and continue to read!

All, in all, I hope you have a fun and enjoyable time reading Coffee Beans and Greens….it will be a fun, yet challenging adventure for me and I’m certainly looking forward to it!



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